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How DevOps-as-a-service works:

We provide DevOps as a managed service to businesses who run or want to run applications in the cloud. Our DevOps model help you leverage the team collaboration, automated monitoring, code pipelines and cloud adoption to stay ahead of the competition. With DevOps as a service, you can be sure about rapid on-boarding of applications with delivery pipelines and CI/CD being a core function.

We help enterprises and start-ups to streamline their development practices thereby ensuring the development and operations teams work together, to achieve better efficiency, faster time to market and improved quality of software

DevOps-as-a-service workflow
Assess your software practices
Audit the current infrastructure
Identify redundancies
Generate DevOps scorecard
Design future road map
Setup an automatic continuous delivery pipeline
Reduce time to market
Ensure risk free deployments higher and productivity
Release management
Continuous deployment
Environment replication
New server setup
Performance optimization

What do you get?

• Continous Integration / Continous Delivery:

We will help you create a repeatable, reliable and incrementally improving process for taking software from idea stage to the field in minimum possible timeline. You would have a constant flow of changes into production via an automated software production line

• Monitoring & Alert Management

Get round the clock support by a dedicated team of experts who watch over your platform every hour of every day.

• Cloud Migration
Our services in cloud computing includes:

Transforming existing legacy applications into cloud-ready form.
Subsequently migrating the applications to various cloud environments like:

AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Google Compute Engine
Microsoft Azure

Design end-to-end solutions right from building the code to pro-active monitoring of production environments

Our plethora of DevOps tools:

Container Service

Infrastructure Provisioning

Configuration Management


Performance Gathering

Metric Aggregation and Analytics

Build System

Environment building

Alert Management