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Looking for some ready-to-use DevOps framework? You are at the right place! After having spent years in the industry and understanding the problems faced by the enterprises, team Brainstack has developed two state of the art DevOps products to help its customers in-house team to reduce time to market for their products .

Our products

B-Stack B-Stack is state of the art DevOps Platform developed by our experts, to help you achieve automated delivery pipeline for applications and Big Data supporting Micro-services and Lambda Architecture.

With B-Stack you can expedite the application delivery process and achieve higher flexibility, visibility and Security in both on premise and public cloud infrastructure.

It would also give you cognitive insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Capabilities of B-stack:

Application Life Cycle Management
Big Data Infrastructure on Micro Services
Continuous Visibility
Security Assessment
Actionable Insights
Self-Healing Micro Services
Cognitive Insights
On-Premises Deployment
Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks

Features of B-Stack:

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

B-Stack provides flexibility and agility to build, manage and secure Continuous Delivery Pipeline for application and Big Data Loads. It supports DevOps for Java, Python, Golang and .NET applications.

Monitoring, Alerting for Continuous Delivery Pipeline

B-Stack enables monitoring and alerting for micro services, applications and Infrastructure. It also provides monitoring for Docker and Kubernetes along with Micro services for Big Data.

Multi-Cloud Support for DevOps

B-Stack provisions Continuous Delivery pipeline and providing integration with multiple cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud. It also builds abstraction layer between Multi Cloud platform APIs.

Deploy on Docker & Kubernetes

With B-Stack you can build, manage, monitor and secure Micro services Architecture on Docker and Kubernetes for Java, Golang, Python, and .NET based applications

Business Objectives Met With B-Stack:
One click deployments and rollback
Configure automated alerts
Centralized log management
Infrastructure security
Continuous process and infrastructure development
Continuous integration and continuous development
Disaster recovery
Performance optimization and stress testing
Collaboration with Dev and QA team

Cloud Rest
We strongly believe business growth does not always mean higher bills.
All the growing start-ups have encountered a phase where the growth was appreciated but the associated cloud resources bills were becoming a point of concern.

Development team being highly focussed on development activities, cannot afford to divert their focus on writing scripts to optimize the cloud usage.

Common thoughts that comes to mind to solve the problem is :
Reduce the number of nodes which means reducing the processing capacity as well.
Switching to other provider, but it’s complex to derive the exact cost savings in advance.


Try our great product CloudRest and see how simple it is to create and apply schedules for your instances.

It is simple to set up – as a SaaS tool, CloudRestrequires no advance knowledge of scripting and integration time is very less .

Anyone from your team can use CloudRest. The simple interface means no programming or technical knowledge is required.

It has a great feature of role which allows you to give access only to the users who needed control to turn their own instances on/off as needed, without exposing other teams’ resources.

Sounds great?

Benefits for you:

Cost savings by at-least 20-30%
Continuous monitoring your AWS resources.
Apply policies from a single interface
Off-hours policy - turn off your non production resources during off hours (Weekends, nights etc.)
Allow approved AMI’s. - force applications to use only approved and patched AMI’s
Automatically remove unattached volumes
S3 encryption (Encrypt all incoming keys and remove if not encrypted)
Resource usages reports etc.

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