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1) Start-ups
Our simple philosophy to work with start-ups is

Brainstack Technologies is emerging as a trusted partner for fast paced start-ups by helping them to convert their ideas into real business solutions.

Services for start-ups:

Product Ideation: Being an integral part of every successful product, ideation is an important concept for new and established players who are looking to come up with innovative ideas to leap frog their business growth.

We at Brainstack have a deep understanding of multiple business domains, existing market solutions and customer business requirements which enables us to get involved from the initial stage & thereby ensure your idea a is hit in the market.

Our seasoned industry veterans can help you with

R & D

Design: While Product Ideation helps transforming abstract ideas into realizable thoughts, system design is an important part in securing appropriate resources to implement the solution.

Our team can help you in following areas of product design :

• UX-User Experience is an utmost important factor to succeed, so at Brainstack Technologies we continually strive to improve and achieve perfection in it. We continuously learn, adapt and implement latest market trends in the solutions delivered by us.

• Application Architecture: A good architecture is as indispensable as is a strong foundation for a building. We are pretty sure that your product would be a hit in the market thus we design your application to meet the scaling, performance and flexibility goals that are critical for future success.

2) Telecom
Brainstack Technologies may be a new name in the market but that does not stop us from delivering great solutions as delivered by big players.

We have some happy customers around the globe using our telecom solutions ranging from simple plugins to full-fledged solutions for the core networks.

Services for telecom companies:

Design : In a digital era, value creation lies in software solutions and we can be your partner to help convert emerging trends and business requirements into viable products and services, revenue streams and new business models.

Software Testing:

Continually evolving standards create a constant pressure to be future-ready and backward-compatible. Risk driven testing has become a critical factor to ensure your new product is a commercial success. We can offer a comprehensive set of test services to reduce the Time-To- Market for your new digital products and services

With Telecom Testing veterans on board, Brainstack Technologies evolves as a great partner of choice for telecom service providers.
Core Areas : VoIP, SIP, IMS, SS7 based systems

3) Education :-
"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

― Mark Twain

These words have always been our inspiration; motivated by them we decided to couple our technical skills with our objective to innovate new methods of education.

We achieved success by delivering a couple of software which changed the way things are taught.

Our partnership with one of India’s leading start-up has seen the launch of a great data analytical product which has helped a state government to build to take some critical & “informed” decisions to improve the overall quality of education in the state.

We feel proud in doing our bit towards the betterment of society.

Services in Education domain :

Design : We would love to partner with you in this sector to unlock the potential to deliver value through information technology.

Application Architecture : A good architecture is as indispensable as is a strong foundation for a building. We at Brainstack Technologies are pretty sure that your product would be a hit in the market thus we design your application to meet the scaling, performance and flexibility goals that are critical for success

4) IoT (Internet of Things)
“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!”
— Brendan O’Brien, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Aria Systems

The above words Mr.O’ Brien looks so true in today’s fast changing world of internet. No growing company can remain untouched from its impact and the ones who picks it up on time will act as the drivers of change .

Fortunately Brainstack Technologies lies in the latter category where it is working with full dedication to design some highly scalable and life changing IoT solutions in various fields.

Services in IoT  :

Smart Farming :

Brainstack Technologies has partnered with some great companies and are trying to build a revolutionary solution which will change the way farming has been done for decades.

Ranging from automatic irrigation to better understanding of the specific farming conditions, such as weather and environmental conditions are some key areas where are designing solutions for our customers.

Smart Homes :

Imagine a scenario where that you're driving home on a hot summer day. And as soon as you reach home your house is relaxingly coo because you simply used your smartphone when you leave your office to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature.

Or Imagine that you're cooking dinner, and you ask Alexa, the voice assistant on the Amazon Echo, to read you today's biggest news stories so that you can focus on chopping those vegetables.

The possibilities are endless and so is our dedication to partner with you to convert any of your similar idea into reality.