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“The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.“
-Benjamin Franklin
These words from the genius rightly convey the importance of software quality. At Brainstack technologies we offer wide range of software testing services for various business domains ranging from telecom to smart energy sector.

Our software testing services includes

Independent Testing
We can be your independent testing partner who can perform high quality tests and audit on the existing build quality of products. Our testing experts can quickly understand the application and associated business risks with it .Based on this we can design a test plan to ensure maximum test coverage thereby reducing the business risks.With our automated testing services, documented best practices, and well-equipped QA lab, we can be your QA partners.

Manual Testing
We have 11+ years of rich experience in manual testing of products from various business domains like Telecom, Finance ,smart energy etc.

Automation Testing
Effective and Efficient automation testing is something which everyone talks about but a few can achieve. Our in-house team has extensive experience in designing automation frameworks from scratch for various clients.

Our frameworks ensure that you get the actual ROI on the costs incurred for their setup. We can reduce time to market and also cut down your costs by a significant number.

Benefits for you:
• You can achieve fail fast paradigm of software development
• Quick testing with minimum turn-around time.
• Rapid feedback
• On-premise test infrastructure set-up
• Extensive reporting
• Maximum test coverage

Mobile Automation Testing
Ever increasing usage of smartphones brings along complex challenges of testing mobile applications. Testing mobile application well require expert and meticulous skills but nonetheless we can ensure that your mobile applications are performing as good as your web applications are.

Testing Tools: