Frequently Asked Questions

1 How can Brainstack help your business

Being an expert in your area, you must be looking for an equally competent technology partner. We are here to ensure that your core focus remains on business expansion and technology is put to the best use for your organisation.

2Is team Brainstack experienced enough

With more than 15 years of experience we have a proven track record of delivering wide range of software solutions. Your idea(s) would evolve under the supervision of Software Experts who have worked with world class companies like Netflix , Oracle etc.

3What all Business domains we focus on

No matter if it is a simple apps or a Cloud based solution involving Big Data analytics and complex Machine Learning algorithms, we are equally good at it. Our portfolio includes state-of-the art solutions for Health care, IoT, Telecom, Fintech, Smart Farming, Energy domain.

4Can we develop software remotely for you

The real beauty of software industry is its practicality of delivering high quality solution for clients sitting across the globe. As a matter of fact, we have delivered software solutions for USA, EMEA, Australian Markets with complete ease and full transparency.

5Who are our clients

In our heart We have a special place for emerging start-ups, and we are equally proud of partnering with Medium scale enterprises to multiple state governments in India. Client references are readily available on request.

6Is your business idea safe with us

We understand and respect your confidentiality, so we have a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement in place to safeguards your valuable ideas and make sure it always belongs to you.

7Who owns the IPR of the software code if we work together

Being a software service provider, we charge only for our services. The software source code legally belongs to you unless specifically mentioned in the agreement in specific cases.

8Do you need to be tech savvy in order to work with us

Not at all ! No matter if you come from a technology or some other background, it is our job to make you understand the work plan very well and we keep you well informed at all stages of development.

9Should you build your in-house team or choose us as your technology partner

That is a great idea, but in reality maintaining a team of software experts comes with an array of challenges like high costing, finding right talent etc. which could deviate you from your original business goals.

10Do you only develop products from scratch.

We are available to help you at any stage of product development . Even if you started it on your own and now wants an expert to take it to completion , then we would be more than happy to help.