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What is Sentinel system?

Sentinel shield is a proximity sensor which comes in the form of a small wearable device. This small yet powerful device ensures the social distancing norms are strictly adhered to at various workplaces like an IT companies, manufacturing plants, Educational institution etc.

Designed on the specification by health departments, it gives audible and visual ‘alerts’ to users whenever they come in close proximity of each other. This acts as a reminder to re-establish safe distancing, which is our only way to safeguard ourselves till the vaccination is achieved.

If a user ignores the warning, then an entry is created in the system for later monitoring and audit purposes.


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Why use Sentinel system?

Safe distancing and contact tracing are essential tools for organisations to mitigate the impact of current and future transmissible viruses. The Omni Sentinel System is a convenient way for organisations to implement and maintain best practices in the workplace.


Key Components

Sentinel comes with minimal infrastructure requirements at the customer side.

Sentinel Shield

Compact and wearable, the Shield issues audio and visual warnings, and logs any contact, whenever the safe distance is breached

Sentinel Scanner

When placed in a strategic location, the Scanner detects configured Shields over a large area, and relays information to the Reader

Sentinel Reader

The Reader can be plugged into a PC and, alongside the App, used to monitor the fleet of deployed Shields

Use Cases

Sentinel is ideal for various workplace implementations, including:

  • Hospitals and eldercare facilities, where person-to-person interaction is frequent, and access to information during outbreaks is critical.
  • Offices, colleges and dormitories, with limited resources to monitor people movement and interactions across meeting rooms and common areas.

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