We provide DevOps as a managed service to businesses who run or want to run applications in the cloud. Our DevOps model help you leverage the team collaboration, automated monitoring, code pipelines and cloud adoption to stay ahead of the competition. With DevOps as a service, you can be sure about rapid on-boarding of applications with delivery pipelines and CI/CD being a core function.

We help enterprises and start-ups to streamline their development practices thereby ensuring the development and operations teams work together, to achieve better efficiency, faster time to market and improved quality of software

Application Engineering

We help web-based businesses to design and develop cloud-native web and mobile solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers with rich experience in building web-based products using latest technology stacks like React.js, Java, Node.js, Angular, .NET, MongoDB etc. We are equally good at building native iOS and Android applications.

Software Testing

We can be your independent testing partner who can perform high quality tests and audit on the existing build quality of products. Our testing experts can quickly understand the application and associated business risks with it .Based on this we can design a test plan to ensure maximum test coverage thereby reducing the business risks.
With our automated testing services, documented best practices, and well-equipped QA lab, we can be your QA partners.

We have 11+ years of rich experience in manual testing of products from various business domains like Telecom, Finance ,smart energy etc.